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Kuczek-Maruta i Wachowski

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Your legal advisors in business!

20 thousand employees – legal support for HR and payroll
5 thousand experts – engaged on flexible employment contracts
2,5 thousand employees – embraced by the company take-over procedure

Employment and employees relocation

We specialise in providing advice that cover virtually all aspects of employer-employee relation and accompanying running a business. We support our clients in negotiations, represent them in cases before the labour courts, elaborate regulations and procedures as well as documentation regarding health and safety at work. We advise on collective labour agreements and on relations with the trade unions.

Management contracts, bodyshopping, remotely organised work, temporary work and all of other forms of non-labour employment contracts are something you can be easily advised on from our team’s member. Be sure you will be served with an optimal solution allowing you to face the market reality with flexibility, being legally correct and suiting your organisational expectations at the same time. 

You can take us for granting when tax issues regarding the employers as salary payers and their obligations in social security and health are considered. We advise on legal, tax and insurance optimisation with forms of non-labour employment, as well as on settling the expenses relating to members of the management and supervisory boards.

The companies with an international reach are supported with profound consultancy about workers’ employing within the capital group, posting employees abroad, employing workers from abroad here in Poland and all the matters associated with the employees’ taxation and their social and health insurance. 

Thorough expertise in carrying out business restructuring, acquisitions and outsourcing procedures equipped us in excellent understanding of the complex workplace takeover matter. 


Kto się u nas w tym specjalizuje?

Beata Kuczek Maruta Attorney at Law Cracow Poland Katarzyna Pabian Attorney at Law Cracow Poland Sylwia Tettke Attorney at Law Cracow Poland
Beata Kuczek - Maruta Katarzyna Pabian Sylwia Tettke


What have we achieved in the field?

Case #1

One of our clients is an employer from the outsourcing sector (BPO/ITO/SSC) that currently flourishes in Krakow. The company employs highly trained technicians and engineers involved in various technically - advanced projects executed as in Poland as abroad.  Specific nature of the venture required an expertly provided consultancy about application of suitable legal forms of employment and cooperation as well as implementing effective mechanisms of posting employees abroad, placing them properly within the structure of an international capital group relations and outsourcing contracts concluded by the client. Our experience in applying Polish and EU regulations of labour and social security law in cross-border relations enabled us to offer out client safe legal solutions satisfying on a  business and organisational level. 

Case #2

International drivers’ employment is something that has for years raised doubts and problems in the field of labour law, taxes or social insurance matters. Our client runs a risk of developing European transports activity in circumstances of changing the interpretations concerning the labour settlement or posting drivers abroad. Many a time, in different National Labour Inspectorate’s inspections or court litigations, we managed to prove the accuracy of the employment and gratification model adapted by the company. 


Who we've been working for:



We have entrusted to a comprehensive consultancy of the lawyers from Kuczek-Maruta Law Office an optimization and restructuring of the company’s employment structure. The lawyers developed a set of documents related to employment, including labour regulations, regulations for the use of official cars, employment contracts with various clauses, property entrusting contracts and other employee documentation. The law office has also come up with legal and organisational solutions regarding non-labour forms of employment that flawlessly met our needs and created a flexible and reliable legal framework for cooperation with our staff.  

Jacek Kurasiewicz
President of the Management Board, LLC

We rely on an infallible support of Kuczek-Maruta Law Office in the process of employing foreign managers in Poland. In the first place, the lawyers help us in course of permit proceedings, acting on the company’s behalf and - with the least possible involvement of foreign managers in the process - ensuring a smooth case finalisation. As they never fall short of the target we automatically turn to them with any issue regarding foreign employees’ taxation  or their social and health insurance.

Elżebieta Klamra
General Manager, FMC Technologies LLC

What makes us proficient in achieving your goals?

We secure the employers.

An employee is awarded with a wide range of versatile rights being – at the same time -privileged in the litigation procedures. Proper legal and organisational solutions and audits that we offer are able to protect the employer against severe sanctions applied by the workers rights’ protection authorities. We elaborate and help to implement suitable procedures and comply labour documentation with binding legal provisions.  

We respond to changes  

We keep ourselves up to date with all legal acts’ amendments to be able to provide our clients with relevant information on changes. We revise in-house acts of labour law and other employment documentation. We equip you in safe solutions in the field of non-labour forms of employment that will assure greater flexibility and a wider range of freedom while providing attractive employment opportunity for a potential employee and maximum work effectiveness.

We stand by you in conflicts

We advise on organisational restructuring and labour dismissals, matching the form of contact termination with a given situation. Don’t make us your last resort in handling disputes and labour conflicts that arise on a daily basis and can be easily rectified on early stages, though we firmly stand by you in every court litigation representing your standpoint in all instances.  



Kuczek-Maruta i Wachowski
Attorneys at Law
professional partnership

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