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130 thousand square meters - space commercialized with our support
15 thousand desks – workplaces created within the rented space
215 stores – taken in rent in various shopping malls with our support

Office space rental

Office and commercial space lease agreements nowadays equal to complicated documents numbering up to several dozen of pages. Rent constitutes an important element of the tenant’s budget and determines the investments’ profitability on the landlord’s part. Whereas the agreement itself is envisaged for several years to last. All these factors cause that the content of the lease agreement can significantly affect your business. For this reason it is vital for the lease agreement process to be entrusted to a professional lawyer who will help you run smoothly through all the procedures. 

Tenants are helped to compare the offers presented by developers and are suggested solutions that are currently in use on the market. We give our opinion on lease agreement drafts submitted by the landlord and we support you in negotiating individual provisions giving profound explanation to contract terms typical for commercial lease.
The office buildings’ or shopping malls’ owners are served with complete contractual documentation allowing the venture to be commercialized. We also provide support in negotiating business and legal conditions of the lease. We secure the payments due from the tenants and all the transactional details agreed by the parties be placed in the agreement content.
We’ve been handling commercialize rental deals for years. We have helped to give or take in lease several hundreds of thousands square meters of office and retail space. We are up to date with all the current tendencies which enables us to work quickly and efficiently. With our valuable experience we do not learn on clients’ cases but we offer our profound understanding of business realities and the practices predominantly spread on the office space market. We are often invited by the training companies from across the Poland to conduct workshops and training courses on commercial lease. Many a time we happen to have trained other lawyers and legal advisors as well.

Who specialises in the field within our office?

Beata Kuczek Maruta Attorney at Law Cracow Poland Tomasz Wachowski Attorney at Law Cracow Poland Maciej Kądziołka Attorney at Law Cracow Poland
Beata Kuczek - Maruta Tomasz Wachowski Maciej Kądziołka


What have we achieved in the field?

Case #1

In 2011 we were commissioned by our Client - with modern office and commercial complex in Krakow - to prepare and negotiate terms of the lease agreement that resulted in giving in lease on a one-off basis offices with total area of over 9,000 m2 net. The scale of the transaction, the size of the rented area and the specific requirements of the tenant made it a very complex deal, requiring  efficient and intensive work on the agreement content and the power of persuasion while its negotiating. Having concluded the final agreement content it took a whole binder to store just one copy of it along with its appendixes. In the subsequent years our law office assisted in annexing the agreement under which the tenant secured a possible change to the offices’ arrangement and enlarged the space taken in lease, in result of which the tenant currently leases more than 12,500 m2 net.

Case 2

Among many others, we cooperate with a global sports apparel manufacturer that sells its products in cooperation with franchisees. Our client decided to terminate the agreement with one of its franchisees, who had been running a store in the shopping mall, trying to ensure an uninterrupted functioning of the store which was to be taken over by another franchisee. On one hand we were limited by the letter of the mall space lease agreement that was concluded directly by the franchisee, on the other hand, it was vital to end the cooperation with that franchisee, regulate all of the parties’ accounts, start working with the new franchisee and settle the matters related to the store equipment and the commodity that was located in it. We provided the client with a gradual structure of the transaction with a tailored schedule of legal and factual actions, so that the whole process was conducted smoothly and without any interruption in the store functioning.



Who we've been working for:



„We highly benefited from Kuczek-Maruta Law Office’s comprehensive support while commercialising an A class office building  named NAUTILUS and located in Kraków Technology Park, in a special economic zone Krakow-Czyżyny. Our needs were fully catered for by a lawyer-prepared contract draft that was perfectly adapted to building’s characteristics as well. Effective negotiations of the contract’s conditions carried out by the lawyers with all the tenants led us to successful venture finalisation. We were served with business and legally optimised market solutions that assured us legal safety and are invaluable in the day-to-day administration of the building.”

Grzegorz Głownia
President of the Management Board, ABP Investments LLC

Kuczek-Maruta Attorneys at Law Office has provided us with legal aid while taking in lease an office space in a newly-hoisted office building in Krakow. The lawyers supported us in making business arrangements that concerned mainly the premises’ adaptation and the process of making it available for us in two subsequent stages. They also scrutinised the lease agreement draft and conducted successful negotiations of the agreement content. We resort to Kuczek-Maruta Law Office in every matter related to commercial lease space, such as drafting and negotiating of the sublease agreements or assignment to another entity rights and obligations from the current lease agreement. 

Magdalena Litwa
Administration Manager, Apply Poland LLC 

What makes us proficient in achieving your goals?

We know the realities of the market

We just feel this business and we do know the customs and principals that govern the commercial lease market. Add-on factor is not something odd to us nor are different models of service charges calculation that are in use on the market. Tax aspect and the matter of settling the investments incurred on the premises’ fit-out works is something we always take into account while working on your case. 

Many years of experience stand behind us

We’ve been handling commercial lease deals for many years. During that time we often assisted in large and complex transactions. We are professionals highly valued on the market and we provide expert support in the lease process. We guarantee clients efficient and market solutions as well as the security and the smooth execution of transactions.

We provide professional assistance for landlords and tenants

Not only have we participated in many of the office buildings’ or shopping canters’ commercialisations but we have acted both on the developers or the tenants behalf. With a various range of experiences we’re agile while representing each of the party and we can assume what matters will be emphasised by the counterpart. We help resolve contentious issues that may arise in the course of cooperation between the parties and regard the lease relations. 


Kuczek-Maruta i Wachowski
Attorneys at Law
professional partnership

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