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Winding up company in Poland

Why it is useful to hire a lawyer while liquidate business in Poland?

A skilful lawyer may be of a great help while finishing you business activity in Poland. He will be able to make a plan how to wind-up the company and liquidate your Polish business. He will also be able to carry out all necessary actions so that all the paperwork that is required by Polish Authorities is dully fulfilled.

What are the advantages of working with Kuczek-Maruta lawyers while winding-up company in Poland?

Working with our experienced lawyers we will take care to make-up a most efficient liquidation scenario. In Kuczek-Maruta Law Firm we understand that minimising exit costs (especially taxes) is very important and that is why we always carefully plan the exit scenario. From what we learn during almost 20 years of our legal experience is that time is also a crucial issue. That is why we do everything that is possible in order to close your business in Poland as fast as possible.

If you do think that it is time to end your business activity in Poland do not hesitate to contact us.

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