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Debt Recovery in Poland

How a lawyer may help me to recover my money form Polish company?

Polish companies has one of the biggest average payment delay in Europe. That is why foreign client often look for a lawyer to help them collect debts. Hiring a professional lawyer will ensure you that all available legal ways of recovering your money will be conducted. This includes not only summons to payment and court proceedings but also enforcement proceedings. What is more working with Polish lawyer may make your debtor realise that you are very serious about getting your payment, which may result in prompt money transfer.


Why should I hire Kuczek-Maruta lawyers recover debts in Poland?

Our law firm has certain authority in Poland. That is why if we get involved in debts recovery case your debtor will be confident that you are extremely serious about getting you money as soon as possible. We work fast and efficient so that you get your money as soon as it is possible. Our lawyers know Polish trade customs and - when needed - use special court procedures to get payment order faster, as Polish courts are rather slow. That is why if you want to recover your money in the fastest possible manner do not hesitate to contact our lawyers.


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