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Staying and working in Poland

Why foreigners in Poland sometimes need a lawyer?

Polish legal system is not very friendly towards foreigners. It is not only doing business but also running everyday life of a foreigner in Poland that is regulated by numerous legal provisions and requires frequent contact with Polish authorities. And, as most foreigners are not familiar with Polish law, the assistance of Polish lawyer may help things go smoothly.

It is no secret, that the law is different in each country. For foreigners, many provisions of Polish law will be a real surprise. What's more, the knowledge of Polish law is necessary not only to run a business, but also in every-day-life. There are specific conditions of stay and work for the foreigners in the republic of Poland, there are also many kinds of documents which authorise the foreigners to stay in Poland. The most of the application forms to the authorities have to be filled in Polish.


What are the benefits of working with Kuczek-Maruta lawyers?

We have a wide experience in cooperating with the foreigners. Not only we provide the legal support for their businesses in Poland, but also we help them in everyday legal problems. We know how to fill in the application forms properly and which documents are required to be attached to the application form. We will give an advice what to do to make you stay in Poland legal, how to get the work permit or explain which documents are required to marry the Polish citizen. We can represent you in the proceedings before the competent bodies and help you to communicate with them. With the help of our lawyers dealing with Polish bureaucracies may even become a pleasure. That is why if you need a professional lawyer that will make sure everything run as smooth as possible do not hesitate to contact us.

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